The FLEX cooperation model stands for the renowned Sunconfex quality at remarkably competitive and variable prices. Every FLEX screen fabric cover is characterised by a good quality standard finishing and can be upgraded, if requested, by one or more of our innovations. The flexibility is exceptional because for each order every fabric cover can be manufactured differently.
The reliable reference product automatically implies outstanding service guarantees: for instance, your order is ready for despatch within five working days. Our level of delivery reliability is an amazing 97.3%!


FLEXi is a combined cooperation model: one part of the production process takes place at the Sunconfex factories, the other part in our customer’s workshop. According to the arrangements made, we carefully incorporate the selected innovations into the fabric cover, which is then delivered ready for use. When it comes to in-house manufacturing at the customer, Sunconfex leads the market in offering its innovations separately in the form of a licence agreement. The complete FLEXi programme consists of transferring our know-how, technology, product and technical training.


The CARE cooperation model is synonymous with superior quality, with every fabric cover benefiting from all Sunconfex technologies: Improved Zip Technology, Visitex and ClickOn or ZipFix. You also enjoy unrivalled services: faster preparation of price offers (within 12 hours), order completion within four working days. Other advantages include the extensive personalisation options that can be discussed and elaborated in line with the customer’s needs.