The Visitex method allows the bottom bar to be mounted significantly faster, compared with the traditional fastening method using a pocket and rod. It also saves around 3 cm of fabric per cover because the pocket is no longer necessary. These savings on time and material virtually immediately offset the limited extra cost of the Visitex system. And the added aesthetic value as a result is a great bonus.

Fabric covers with the Visitex finish look extraordinarily straight, which means they can be combined well with minimalistic, modern architecture as well as with more traditional building styles.

Traditional fabric covers are finished at the bottom with a pocket formed by folding a piece of the fabric and reinforcing it with a rod. This creates a visible weld seam above the bottom bar, which tends to detract from the good look of the whole. Over the course of time, the weld seam can also cause additional wrinkles, produced by tension on the fabric, fluctuations in temperature and the effects of UV radiation.

The Visitex system from Sunconfex makes it possible to fit the bottom bar to the fabric cover without creating a visible weld seam. This is a clear visual benefit that adds to the clean-lined and contemporary look of Sunconfex fabric covers.

With the Visitex fastening system, a half zip is welded to the fabric, over which a special plastic profile is slid. Because this profile is made to measure so that it fits exactly into each specific bottom bar, the end result is perfect.